Enterprise Lancashire

Starting Your Own Business

‘Excellent information for starting your business’
‘Content was extremely useful to enable me to make an informed decision as to whether or not to go ahead with my business idea’
‘Enjoyed the workshop, very useful and applicable to my current needs towards moving forward with my idea’
‘Good and useful information’
‘It was all very informative’
‘Everything was useful, great session learning about starting your own business covering marketing, financial planning, and looking at my strengths and weaknesses’
‘Keep up the good work! A well-presented workshop!’
‘The whole seminar was eye opening and very educational’
‘I have learnt a lot of things today that I hadn’t previously thought about’

Online or flatline

‘Excellent and very informative’
‘I found the social media discussion most useful, especially looking at which social media would work best for me’
‘All the information has been very useful. I have found out a lot on how to market and sell my products’
‘The workshop was all very interesting, useful and informative’

Business Basics

‘Excellent workshop’
‘It really made me think about my business idea and realise I need to do further research’
‘Made me think further about the things to consider before starting, especially SWOT analysis and determining my prices’
‘Good information and an approachable trainer’
‘Good information and helpful about what I need to consider in my business planning’

Sell Sell Sell

‘Lots of practical tips and my questions answered well! Brilliant trainer’
‘Really enjoyed the session and great information appropriate to each business in the room’
‘The trainer’s knowledge was fantastic. I found the section on buying signals very useful’
‘Great to learn how to manage rejections and turn them into questions!’
‘Found all content very useful’

Book keeping

‘Great to learn how simply book keeping can be’
‘Record keeping doesn’t have to be complicated’
‘Plenty of detail to think about but making it as simple as possible’
‘Understanding how I can use spreadsheets to record necessary details’


‘I found the workshop refreshing as it was very interactive’
‘Excellent workshop, went so fast!’


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